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Add obstacle length by hand in cde

When creating a course map in CourseWalk CDE I don't want anyone to see the way I walk an obstacle, but I have to add the obstacle and then walk it to get the correct length of the course.
I would like to be able to measure the obstacle by hand and then add the lengt into the app when I add the obstacle, so that the km markers gets on the right place on the map.

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we should be able to add this feature to the next version of the app and website.



Thank you! Do you know when the next version (hopefully) will come out?


We are testing the next version of CourseWalk (Eventing) right now. Once CourseWalk (Eventing) is released, we can start working on CourseWalk CDE. It will probably be released sometime in Fall/Autumn.

Do you use iPhone or Android? I can add you to the beta program once we start working in CourseWalk CDE. This way you can test the new feature and provide feedback.

That would be great! I'm using iPhone.
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