CourseWalk does not currently integrate with the Hylofit system. We are waiting for Hylofit to provide the necessary data in their data export functionality.

The following data is required in order to integrate with CourseWalk:

  • GPS coordinates of the ride as longitude and latitude.
  • Timestamp of each point
  • Heart rate
  • Speed (optional)

Here is how to export your Hylofit data:

Exporting a CSV file of your rides is a feature only available on the web version of Hylofit. You can log into your account at

In the list of RIDES click the more “(...)” icon on the right side and select “EXPORT CSV”, or

Select a ride (by clicking “ANALYZE”) and on the RIDE SUMMARY click the button at the top “EXPORT CSV” to download heart rate data and “EXPORT RR CSV” to download RR-interval data.

Please contact the Hylofit customer service to request improved data export. Feel free to send us your exported rides so that we can check if the proper data is now provided.