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Error loading page

Just downloaded the app and first time trying it out at my horse trials and absolutely nothing opens. Every attempt at opening something ends in "error loading page".

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this is a known issue. This happens if you forgot to record the track by pressing the red circle button AND specified an optimum time.

You can fix this issue by removing the optimum time. Future versions of the app will fix this problem.

Here is a link to the guide on how to record a course:

Please let me know if you have additional questions.



I literally can't open anything! not even the help section...keeps telling me there is an error. Would love to even get to the point of forgetting to record the track!

couldn't use the app at my horse trials and am NOT happy


are you on iPhone or Android?

please try the following. Maybe something went wrong during the install:

- Delete the app

- Restart your phone

- Download the app again. You will not be charged again.

We will issue you a refund if the app still doesn't work.



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